Echad Marriage Counseling

Echad Marriage and Family Dynamics

There is a language of love that echoes and demonstrates openness, growth, and a joyous relationship. The language of love must vibrate in our marriages. Learning the pure and candid language of love and intimacy helps a couple to eat and drink deeply at the banquet of love. We are then free to allow physical love to nourish the marriage.

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love” (Song of Solomon 2:4, AMP).

Enrich Your Marriage

Echad is a powerful, marriage enrichment ministry that creates real and lasting change. Unlike many other marriage ministries, its distinctive format encourages couples to break through barriers to intimacy, not just talk about them. Couples meet to discuss new concepts, develop new skills and delve into the unique ‘techniques’ of their own marriage.

Echad Courses:

  • Truly commit to your spouse and your marriage
  • Experience love at a deeper level of intimacy
  • Love one another in the way you each want and need to be loved
  • Talk to your spouse in a way they’ll really listen and hear you
  • Negotiate rather than argue
  • Manage your anger and work through conflicts together
  • Forgive, share and support each other’s dreams
  • Overcome the obstacles of a blended marriage

Save Your Marriage

Echad ministry dynamics focuses on the broken places; there is strength in the broken places and any marriage can be saved no matter how difficult the situation. Echad ministries transform marriages and help couples to fall back in love and create the marriage they always hoped to have. They learn life-changing skills that help them to build a rich and satisfying marriage.

Crises Marriage Management

We could never promise that ever marriage can or will mend back to it’s beginning state. However, in the most unforeseen situations of marriage, separation or divorce, this program is designed to assist you in the skills to manage you and your emotions during these difficult times. It is all about you at this time, and that is our focus.

Family Ministry

Pastor Leo Carter is the Director of Pastoral Services at Mercy First–a multi-service agency that offers a comprehensive and integrated continuum of care through a network of more than 20 service locations in New York City and throughout Long Island. His profession is to counsel at risk youth. Echad ministers to the heart and spiritually counsels to the family that lives are changed. Family is the focus for Pastor Leo & Tarran Carter and the mission is to develop healthy lifestyles.